Has been playing rugby for 52 years around the World from USA to Malta; Hong Kong to Australia. Having been a coach, manager, Tour leader and National committee member. Involved with National teams at 7’s and 15’s both men’s and women’s and local clubs as current Vice President. Played in World and European and Asian Veterans festivals. Keen to develop the future in all aspects of rugby especially new countries seeking to expand global links and exposure.
  MARKO PROTEGA (European (E V R A) Veteran Rugby Ambassador)
In 2019 it was 60 years (1959–2019) of continues active Marko´s involvement in Rugby.
Started at begin of 1959 in Nada RFC (Split) he won 10 Yugoslav Championship and 6 National Cup competitions. In the same he played for the first ever Yugoslav National team in 1968. Finishing his career as the player, he became National Coach U19 (1980/81) and Full National Side (1987-1991). In the meantime he founded, or was directly involved in the foundation, of five new clubs in former country. In 1992 he moved to Germany (Heidelberg) where he worked as professional School Rugby promotor for Rugby Union Baden- Württemberg (RBW) for more than 10 years. His first contact with Veteran Rugby was in 1981 when “his” Team of former Yugoslavia Internationals took part at Veteran Tournament in Rome. Followed two participations at ANZ World Golden Oldies Rugby Festival (London 1985, Auckland 1987). Coming to Heidelberg at the begin 0f 1992, as Festival Director of 1st European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival 1994, together with Jeff Butterfield (England and British Lions 1955 player) and Claus-Peter Bach (President RBW) as the Chairman of Organising Committee, they organised this first ever European Golden Oldies Rugby event, as European Committee of Air NZ World Golden Oldie Rugby. In October 2010, with 14 European rugby friends he founded E V R A (European Veteran Rugby Association), the only one registered European Veteran Rugby organisation, with seat in Heidelberg.  As EVRA Secretary he was directly involved with organisation of EVRA European Festivals in 2011 (in Cascais, Portugal), 2013 (in Esztergom, Hungary), 2015 (in Farnham) on the occasion of RWC in England, 2017 (in Siedlce, Poland), 2019 (in Belluno, Italy). After two years of “Covid-19 pause” the next EVRA Festival is going to be in France (September, October 2023), again on the occasion of Rugby World Cup 2023. At the first EVRA Festival 2011 he managed so called “EVRA XV Team”, selection of veteran players from very different European countries. EVRA Team took part at each of European festivals. In between “EVRA Selection” answered positively to the invitations of different celebrations of National Rugby Unions, taking part at different events. In 2022 EVRA Select Team took part at 43rd U F A R National Festival in Toulon , that in the same time was the 40th Anniversary of Union Ancient Francaise de Rugby, the biggest National Veteran Rugby Association in Europe. In November 2022 Marko with different National Rugby personalities will come to Buenos Aires as “Veteran Rugby Ambassadors” to take part at Argentina World Rugby Festival. We shall be happy to meet again old and new Rugby friends ….
I began playing rugby in college in 1981 in New Haven, Connecticut at Southern Conn. State College and have played for adult clubs in New Haven, Boca Raton, Florida and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I began to play ‘old boys’ when needed before my 35th birthday but my real Golden Oldies or serious old boys career began with the 1995 Golden Oldies in Christchurch, NZ.  I have participated in 10 Golden Oldies/Vintage Rugby events over the years in cities like Vancouver, Adelaide, Toulouse, Brisbane, San Diego, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, Sydney and Honolulu as well as Christchurch. In 2001 I became the monthly Masters columnist for RUGBY magazine in America and held that position for 4 years (when the magazine shut down). I was the tournament director 3 years of the Fort Lauderdale International Tournament and for 12+ years I was the social director and Masters organizer for the event. I also organized the Florida Masters Championship 6 times, which was a 1 day event held in Tampa or Orlando in the 1990s and 2000s. For 12 years I hosted a World Masters Rugby chat room on Yahoo that had 1,200+ members and also a Yahoo room for American Rugby News that had 900+ members. At present I host/admin the World Masters Rugby group on Facebook  which has 3,200+ members.
I returned to play rugby in 2003, at «39», in VETERANS of Commercial Rugby Club, «LOS PURA MALTAS», in Mar del Plata, thanks Fredy Acuña and Pampa Musicante. Never stop playing again, in almost 20 years. Innumerable parties… from Ushuaia to La Quiaca, literally… With friends from all over the country, as well as from all continents… Tours, incredible trips, visiting the most beautiful places in Argentina, or even abroad. Rugby showed me that its principles and values ​​are real, that countless people, friends that the game made it possible for me to meet, apply them, humility, friendship, frankness, perseverance, solidarity, respect, etc. Without a doubt, playing Rugby again, in a Veterans team, has been one of the best and happiest decisions of my life. I wish I could continue playing forever, with my friends the Veterans, here on earth… Or if it’s time…..
Brad has been involved in rugby, at all levels as a player and coach, for over 40 years.  Throughout this time, he has toured extensively on dozens of rugby tours. These tours have taken him around the world to destinations such as Argentina, Ireland, France, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Bahamas, Bermuda, the United Kingdom, the USA and of course Canada. Brad deeply believes in the touring culture of rugby and the life-long bonds it develops over the sport we all love so dearly.