The City of Mar del Plata is known as «the Happy City». In the summer and the winter holidays, not only does it welcome millions of visitors from all over the country, but Mar del Plata also combines the beauty and charm of its natural resources with the accommodations and services available, and with the hospitality of its people.

Visitors may watch sea lions and the routine of seamen that return with their catches everyday or taste all kinds of seafood and fish in the dozens of restaurants located in the area.

Mar del Plata has everything. Its cultural life is reminiscent of the City of Buenos Aires. The most outstanding attractions include Colón Square, Torreón del Monje, Los Troncos Neighborhood, the port and Punta Mogotes. At nights its pubs, discos, bingos and the famous Casino of Mar del Plata are ready to welcome the most demanding customers. The surroundings are also beautiful. Visitors may access places such as Sierra de los Padres Lagoon, the beaches of nearby Chapadmalal or the hilly city of Balcarce.

Mar del Plata is the perfect combination for those who seek quietness and relax as well as the possibility of finding the constant hustle and bustle in each corner of town.