The World Rugby Laws shall apply with the following variations:

  1. The game shall be played over two 20 minutes periods or an alternative decided by the Festival Organisers
  2. Unlimited substitution of players permitted at any time and a player substituted earlier may return to the game at any time.
  3. Players may kick the ball only in their own 22.
  4. Scrums: are uncontested, no movement of the scrum.
  5. Line outs: 8 forwards must take part. No quick lineouts. No lifting is permitted.
  6. Teams scoring a try shall also restart the game by kicking the ball to the nonscoring team.
  7. There are no Kicks after a score.
  8. Tackles, rucks and mauls: No cleaning out, no counter rucking or reckless driving into tackles, rucks and mauls
  9. All players must observe the restrictions on tackling “older players”, identified by coloured shorts.
  10. Boots: metal/aluminium studs are prohibited. All players must use either plastic, moulded, rubber or blades for playing.

Other variations may be organised at the discretion of captains and the referees.

Captains will be responsible for the behaviour of their players.

Coloured Shorts

RED SHORTS: If a player is wearing red shorts in this category it means that he cannot be tackled to the ground. 

YELLOW SHORTS: Can be held but not brought to the ground.

PURPLE SHORTS: Cannot be touched or obstructed in any way.